When making bread, pay attention to this detail. The bread is soft and delicious, and it won’t become hard after 3 days.

HOME    When making bread, pay attention to this detail. The bread is soft and delicious, and it won’t become hard after 3 days.

【Cheese Floss Bun】
Materials needed: 295 grams of high-gluten flour, 1 egg, 81 grams of cream cheese, 2 grams of salt, 3.5 grams of high-sugar yeast, 30 grams of caster sugar, 122 grams of pure milk, 28 grams of butter, appropriate amount of floss
1. In addition to butter and pork floss, pour other ingredients into the bucket of the chef's machine, stir for 1 minute at level 2 to let the ingredients fuse, and then turn to level 4 and knead for 15 minutes. Because the water absorption rate of different flours is different, when the novice makes the first time, it is recommended to pour 100 grams of milk first, set aside a small portion, and then increase according to the water absorption of the flour.

2. After 15 minutes, we add the softened butter and continue to knead the dough at level 4. After kneading until the butter is completely absorbed by the dough, stop and check the filming of the dough every 2 to 3 minutes


3. As long as the dough is kneaded to pull out a large film that is not easy to break, it is fine, as shown in the figure below

4. Round the kneaded dough, then cover with plastic wrap and let it rest for 10 minutes

5. After 10 minutes, divide the loose dough evenly into 12 equal parts. After rounding them, cover them with plastic wrap to prevent air drying.

6. Take a small dough and use a rolling pin to roll it into a thick sheet with a thin edge and a thick middle, and then put an appropriate amount of pork floss. The pork floss can also be replaced with other fillings, such as red bean paste filling, honey bean filling or jujube paste filling, etc., as long as you like it.

7. After wrapping the filling, squeeze the closing point downwards, and then make it rounder by hand. The remaining dough and pork floss are wrapped in sequence

8. Put the raw bread embryos with fillings into 12 continuous molds. The molds should be greased to prevent sticking. If you don’t have this 12-connected mold, you can also put it directly into the bakeware for baking

9. Put the mold into the oven, put a bowl of warm water in the oven, close the door, and select the fermentation gear


10. After the fermentation reaches twice the original size, it can be taken out. At this time, the oven is preheated to 180 degrees and the heat is up and down for 2 minutes. Kindly reminder, the fermentation time is not fixed, mainly depends on the state, so everyone should observe the fermentation state of the bread from time to time. When the fermentation is found to be twice as large, take it out immediately, otherwise the fermentation will be too high and the baked bread will be very hard , And there will be wine sourness


11. Finally, put it into the middle layer of the preheated oven, and bake for 25 minutes at 160 degrees. When you find that the bread is colored, remember to cover it with tin foil in time to prevent the skin from being baked too hard and the color is too dark

12. A small bread that can be made with only one fermentation, saving time and trouble, soft and delicious, and full of aroma


1. Although it is now autumn, the temperature is still high during the day, so when everyone is kneading the dough, the liquid in the formula must be refrigerated for 1 hour in advance to cool down before use, which can prevent the yeast from fermenting in advance.
2. Don't substitute vegetable oil for the butter used to make bread, because the taste and flavor will be very different after replacement.
3. For the freshly baked bread, you can spread some butter on the surface while it is hot, which will not only make the bread more fragrant, but also make the skin color more beautiful

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