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BX50 Large capacity and easy to clean meat mixer and filling mixer

$ 1265.90
Original price: $1395.90
Food processor
  • Main Features1. High efficiency and fast mixing speed.
    2, automatic discharge, labor intensity is lower.
    3. The unique arrangement of the teeth makes the material mixing more uniform, and the amount of single loading is more.
    4. The unique three-layer sealing protection makes the equipment last longer and the cleaning is more convenient.
    5, the use of inclined discharge, safe and reliable. It adopts parallel double-axis structure and slanting plate type blade to achieve the best effect of materials and is suitable for various process requirements.
    Function: It has good adaptability and mixing effect on granular, powder, mud, paste and slurry. It has good shape retention for the block, has a positive and negative function, and has an automatic discharge function.


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