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YOSLON YSN-C20010 Professional baking utensils Toast Box Aluminum alloy Lightweight and durable

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    Product Application

    The company's imported non-stick coating, Polytetraflyoroothone, English abbreviation for PFE, also known as Teflon, Teflon.Tiefulong, with Fulong, Teflon, etc., this product and the product is generally referred to as "non-stick coating": it is a god used fluorine instead of polyethylene.Artificially polymerized material with chlorine atoms.

    1, non-stick: a few flat materials do not adhere to the Teflon coating film. Very thin film also shows good non-stick properties.
    2, heat resistance: the four built ethylene film county has excellent inter-heat and low-temperature characteristics. The time can withstand high temperatures to 300C, as usual at 240C"260C
    The door can continuously make Sichuan, with obvious thermal stability, the official can not embrittlement at the freezing temperature, and does not melt at high temperature.
    3, slidability: polytetrafluoroethylene coating film has a low friction coefficient. Negative cutting sliding Chuan Mo course coefficient produces love, but the value is only between 0,05-0.15.
    4, large temperature: PTFE coating film surface does not live water and oil quality, production operations are also not easy to live sputum, such as sticking a small amount of dirt, simply wipe
    Clear, know downtime, save time and improve work efficiency.
    5, wear resistance: under high load, it has excellent grinding performance. Under certain load, it has the double advantages of steep wear and non-sticking.
    6, corrosion resistance: poly four gas ethylene several flats love drugs after the creation, can smash the molten city and horse, fluorinated medium and higher than 300'C hydroxide
    All the strong acids other than sodium (including Wangshui) are reluctant to gasify the continent, and the reducing agent can be used to protect the parts from any benefit.
    Chemical corrosion of the class.

    Toast box (not sticky)
    Features: New wheat toast box, lightweight and durable, easy to clean. Corrugated design, increased deformation resistance, uniform heat, more durable, environmentally friendly and energy efficient. Make
    The baked toast is easier to demould, more beautiful and more textured....

    Material thickness
    Upper diameter
    Lower inner diameter

    Maintenance of non-stick coating:
    1. Do not use acidic cleaning liquid and sharp metal objects to avoid injury to the surface of the coating. Keep it dry after cleaning.
    2. Can not be burned or baked at temperatures above 260'Co recommended below 240'C, which can extend the service life.
    3. Avoid strong collisions and barbaric operations as much as possible. Handle gently, it is best to avoid accumulation.


    Main Features

    The difference between aluminized sheet and aluminum:
    1. Aluminized plate is harder and more durable than aluminum.
    2. Aluminum, slightly softer than aluminized sheets, but with a faster heat transfer rate and more energy saving.


    • Material
      Aluminum alloy
    • Colour
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